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Tooth Extraction Turkey

Our dentists at New Teeth Clinic Turkey make every possible attempt to save damaged or broken teeth, always. If you have any kind of oral complication, visit our clinic for examination by a dentist.

Some conditions for a tooth extraction are:

  • Extreme tooth damage and cavity from tooth decay
  • A broken tooth that cannot be preserved
  • When gums are infected and show symptoms of dental problems such as periodontitis
  • When a dentist is considering dental restorations to include – bridges, dentures and crowns for a healthy mouth
  • When you need to undergo any dental treatment

People who suffer from some kind of tooth damage such as decay, infection, damage or  a large chip might have pain that can range from mild to extreme.

Tooth extraction may be considered due to severe toothache. When there are serious concerns with a wisdom tooth, an extraction will be needed.

Dental treatment during extraction and emergencies

We offer a round-the-clock dental service available for patients who suffer from dental emergencies like tooth extraction. In Turkey our dentists try to do whatever possible to maintain your natural tooth with procedures like root canal therapy where the existing infection will be removed from your tooth and the tooth restoration.

If the infection persists even after tooth restoration, tooth extraction will be the only option. This can prevent infection that can cause bone loss.

Suitable ways to restore your extracted tooth

When there is tooth extraction due to any of the conditions discussed above, there are other ways to replace it. These are the following:

  • Use of dental bridges which are attached to crowns on either one or both side of lost tooth
  • Dentures which are partial, temporary or full and in acrylic or say, flexible options
  • Implants which hold restorations such as crowns, bridges or dentures
  • Orthodontic treatment to correct the problem of malocclusion
  • More than one cosmetic dentistry treatment procedures

Though it is possible to leave gaps from missing teeth, it is still not recommended. The reason is that the gap may make your bone recede and affect your bite as well as your appearance. Some patients may opt for cosmetic and dental treatments to cover unwanted gaps.

How can a tooth be extracted?

At New Teeth Clinic Turkey, we provide proper dental care with many different treatment procedures available. When it is about cosmetic and dental care, our dentists always choose the latest technologies and equipment.

We use 3D imaging system for patients  and by using modern technology that helps in several types of dental restoration work like implants and surgery, we ensure that the treatment will be done in a comfortable and relaxed way. This ensures our patients recover quickly and dental complications are fewer.

Speak with our dentists about a tooth extraction consultation in Turkey, at the clinic. Book your appointment now by calling 02034758161 for tooth extraction.

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