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Metal Supported Porcelain Crowns

Metal supported porcelain crowns

Dental crowns are custom-made additions to damaged teeth which strengthen the underlying tooth structure. They enhance normal chewing function and the aesthetic appeal of the teeth.

We offer dental crowns at New Teeth Clinic Turkey using the latest technology to ensure you achieve your desired result.

Who needs dental crowns?

You can get dental crowns in the following situations.

  • To strengthen and support weak teeth
  • Restore stained, broken or damaged teeth
  • To enhance dental balance and your smile
  • As an alternative to a dental implant
  • Correct cracked and distorted teeth
  • To protect teeth damaged from root canal

What is the difference between dental crowns and veneers?

Dental crowns and veneers have aesthetic properties, but veneers cover only the front surface of the teeth, while crowns cover the entire tooth structure.

Metal supported porcelain crowns

Metal supported porcelain crowns have been available for several years. These crowns are custom-made in the dental lab with a metal alloy coated with porcelain material.

The quality of this dental crown depends on the manufacturing process, and a poorly made metal supported porcelain crown will have a less aesthetic appeal.

At New Teeth Clinic Turkey, we work with lab specialists who make this dental crown in our in-house lab. We use only high-quality porcelain coatings for dental crowns, and our experienced dental technicians will ensure you get an outstanding result.

Our dental physician will fit the dental crown under local anaesthesia. Getting metal supported porcelain crowns requires three visits within six days.

When is a metal supported porcelain crown an ideal option?

Most people use metal supported porcelain crowns when only one tooth is damaged or failing. People who are unhappy with their crooked, broken or stained teeth or want to replace old amalgam fillings can use a metal supported porcelain crown.

Feel free to reach out to New Teeth Clinic Turkey for an appointment to get a metal supported porcelain crown to restore a damaged tooth.

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