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Dental Holiday Turkey

With our excellent dental services at New Teeth Clinic Turkey, you can combine your dental treatment with a holiday in Turkey. We provide our patients with a list of luxury beach and traditional city hotels with nice views at no extra charge when you choose our clinic for your dental clinic.

We want you to have a memorable holiday while you restore your smile and improve your dental health. You can browse our website for your desired dental treatment and contact us to make all necessary arrangements for your trip to Turkey.

Our patient support staff will arrange for your accommodation, and we will provide you with VIP transfer service to and from your hotel, the clinic and the airport.

On arrival at the clinics, you will have your personal coordinator at the door to welcome and guide you throughout the treatment. The patient coordinator will take you to our x-ray suite to get your panoramic x-ray and then take you to the dental surgeon’s office for a dental exam.

You will have a free consultation where the dental professional will explain your available treatment options and recommend a treatment plan. We will begin your treatment if you are satisfied with the treatment plan.

We aim to give our patients the most beautiful smile and help them enjoy their stay in Turkey with our all-inclusive dental travel services.

Contact New Teeth Clinic Turkey today for more details about our travel services for people who want a wonderful holiday in Turkey and undergo dental treatment.

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