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Inlay and onlay restorations

Inlay and onlay restorations in Turkey

Inlays and onlays are dental restorations that support, repair and cover broken or damaged teeth. These dental restorations can restore teeth that have had root canal treatment, worn down teeth, discoloured teeth, and teeth with a large degree of decay, leaving a weak structure.

Our dental professional at New Teeth Clinic Turkey will carefully evaluate the inlay and onlay before preparing the dental restoration and placing it in the teeth. Inlays and onlays are compatible with the tooth structure but are about three times more resistant to abrasion than natural teeth.

Before permanently bonding the inlay and onlay to the teeth, our experienced dental technicians will carefully make them in our in-house lab. These dental restorations are durable and last long, giving you a better and more pleasing smile.

What is the fitting process for inlays and onlays

The dental professional will clean the affected teeth and take their measurement, then apply removable and temporary filling to the teeth. Our dental professional will take your teeth impressions and send them to the lab.

At your next appointment, the dentist will fit your inlay or onlay and make the necessary adjustments before cementing the dental restoration on the underlying tooth.

What are the benefits of dental inlay and onlay restorations?

Inlays and onlays have the following benefits.

  • Comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting
  • Blend perfectly with natural teeth
  • Protects the dental tissue

If you need dental inlays or onlays for your damaged teeth, visit New Teeth Clinic Turkey, but you can also contact us to book an appointment with our experienced dentist.

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