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Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey

You can replace all your teeth with full mouth dental implants to restore your speech, biting and chewing functions. Full mouth implants with dentures or bridges are ideal for people who have lost their teeth or need to extract all teeth.

This treatment option gives you a younger appearance and a healthy smile. The implant will integrate with your jawbone, serving as the tooth root to preserve your jaw bone and replace the teeth.

Full mouth dental implants are often the best and most effective treatment option to restore the function and comfort of natural and healthy teeth.

At New Teeth Clinic Turkey, we use the most advanced technology for dental implant procedures. We provide patients with new teeth that are as comfortable as the natural teeth, with stability, natural whiteness and aesthetically-pleasing result.

Feel free to contact us for biocompatible full mouth implants to restore your natural tooth and jaw structure.

What are the advantages of full mouth implants?

  • The preparation takes only a short while, and our advanced technology with 3D imaging technology gives room for no error
  • If you’ve lost all your teeth and use a full denture, you can have new teeth with full mouth dental implants without a prosthesis that feels full in your mouth
  • Cleaning your teeth after getting full mouth implants is the same as cleaning your natural teeth, and no need for a replacement, like dentures and crowns. The implants feel natural, and you may not remember having a dental restoration.
  • Full mouth dental implant gives you stable teeth that won’t move while chewing
  • You can eat hard foods that other prostheses cannot withstand
  • Full mouth dental implants preserve your jaw structure, meaning your jawbone will remain strong and healthy
  • It prevents collapse in the lip and cheeks, which is common when using a prosthesis
  • The implants will naturally integrate with your jawbone because the implants are biocompatible
  • After the implant treatment, you will have an aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking result
  • Full mouth implants eliminated nausea caused by poor-quality prosthesis
  • You can get a complete dental implant for lower and upper teeth
  • The implants are permanent and have a lifetime guarantee

Which dental implant brands are available?

We use high-quality implants from world-class brands that can last a lifetime. Some dental implant brands available at New Teeth Clinic Turkey include:

  • The preparation takes only a short while, and our advanced technology with 3D imaging technology gives room for no error
  • Alpha-Bio
  • Dentsply
  • Astra Tech
  • Cerec from Sirona
  • Nobel Biocare®
  • Straumann®

Procedure for full mouth dental implants

  • Before the full mouth dental implant procedure, you will have a consultation to determine the type of implant that will give you a natural result. You will also have some exams to check if you have sufficient jawbone.
  • Our dental professional will perform a CT scan and panoramic x-ray
  • After the necessary x-rays and analysis, the dental professional will determine if you have sufficient bone volume and mouth structure
  • We will create a pre-model to show the expected result using a computer-aided 3D scanning and imaging technology
  • We will choose the ideal titanium stent implant that fits your jawbone
  • If you need a procedure like a tooth extraction before placing the implant, the dentist will carry it out
  • We will administer local anaesthesia using needles, but a needless administration option is available
  • After fitting the temporary implant, we will allow your teeth to heal to a certain level and then fit the permanent implant. This process is known as osseointegration
  • After the implant placement, we will provide you with the implant teeth to restore your natural teeth function and look.

Cost of full mouth dental implant in Turkey

Turkey is a top destination for dental tourism compared to most European countries. The diagnosis and treatments follow the same standard as developed countries. The cost of a full mouth implant in Turkey depends on your needs, but you will get a detailed cost in your treatment plan.

You can contact us for your treatment plan, including the cost of full-mouth dental implants. Our dental clinic is one of the most demanded by international patients due to the availability of the latest dental implant technology and equipment. We have an expert team and offer competitive prices for full-mouth dental implants.

Types of implants

  • Subperiosteal implant
    This is a cage-shaped dental implant made by measuring over the bone. The subperiosteal implant is unsuitable for full-mouth dental implants.
  • Intramucosal implant
    This implant increases retention on a prosthesis but is usually not the first choice for full mouth implants.
  • Endosteal implant
    An endosteal implant is suitable for restoring more than one missing tooth. Three categories of endosteal implants are available, and they are the classical form of a complete dental implant.
  • Blade implant
    Blade dental implant is ideal for complete implant treatment. The jawbone usually fuses properly with the blade implant.
  • Cylindrical implant
    These implants have a cylindrical form which fits well in the jawbone.

We mostly use titanium implants made by top brands for full-mouth implants. Titanium materials are the most compatible with the body and fit into the jaw and mouth structure.

Recovery process for full mouth dental implants

During the healing period, the implants gradually fuse with the jawbone. A smooth recovery period depends on several factors, including the method of implant application, the implant brand, aftercare and the compatibility of implants with the jaw bone.

Complications of full mouth dental implants

Common complications after a full mouth dental implant procedure are swelling and redness. However, our dental professional ensures that the risks of this procedure are minimal.

If the implants fail, complications such as soft tissue loss, infection and jaw bone damage may occur. Undergoing implant surgery from our experienced dentist in our well-equipped dental clinic prevents dental implant failure, which may cause different complications. We offer a lifetime warranty to protect your implants and use only the top implant brands for a full mouth implant procedure.

Call New Teeth Clinic Turkey today to schedule a consultation to replace your missing teeth with full-mouth dental implants.

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