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E-max crown

E-max crown

E-max crowns have a natural-looking appearance and are perfect for people who want to restore the colour of their teeth and have an appealing smile. The aesthetic appeal of E-max crowns has made them more popular in the past few years.

E-max crowns have the same transparent structure as natural teeth and are usually indistinguishable from our natural teeth. We offer E-max crowns at New Teeth Turkey using CEREC technology.

This technology creates an aesthetically pleasing crown design within a short time. Unlike other dental clinics, where the dental technician designs and creates the crowns, our qualified and experienced dentist handles the veneer fabrication process.

We use highly durable materials to make E-max crowns to give you a beautiful and long-lasting smile. You can get our E-max crowns in two visits within three days.

Visit New Teeth Turkey for your E-max crown. You can also call us to book a consultation with our dentist.

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