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Cosmetic Dentures in Turkey

Dentures or prostheses are special constructions made to replace your natural teeth. Dentures can rebuild the natural anatomy and biology of the teeth-jaw system to give an attractive smile. Manufactured dentures that do not cause any kind of discomfort and look just like natural teeth.

Dentures can be either partial or full adentia and fixing is in different stages. During the initial stage, the oral cavity will be prepared for installing the dentures. Your teeth can be filled and treated when necessary to remove plaque. After this, moulds will be taken and when the prosthesis is ready, the patient will try them it so that the doctor can ascertain that the denture fits properly.

Types of dentures to choose

At New Teeth Clinic Turkey, we provide different kinds of dentures prepared from various materials and can be either removable or permanent dentures. The former is best for patients with both partial and a complete absence of teeth.

  • Removable dentures are made to insert in the oral cavity and to be removed by the patient. Each time the denture is removed, it is possible to clean easily. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, artificial teeth should be clean as they can be cleaned easily of all food residue. On the other hand, the cleaning of dentures is troublesome for many patients although patients do adjust to this.
  • Fixed or permanent dentures should be installed safely in the oral cavity. The cleaning is no different from taking care of natural teeth. This option is the most optimal for restoring single teeth.

Different kinds of removable dentures

  • Removable full dentures can be used when there aren’t any natural teeth in the jaw.
  • Removable partial dentures are installed when there are one or more missing teeth. The prosthesis will be attached to your surrounding teeth with attachments or hooks. These dentures are extremely durable. It is the only possible tooth restoration procedure when no implants or bridges are installed.

Benefits of cosmetic dentures

  • restoration of aesthetics of teeth and chewing in difficult cases
  • dentures help in partial or full adentia
  • individual design and manufacture
  • small weight and durability of construction
  • adequate cost than implants
  • quick adaptation and installation

You leave the dentist’s clinic with new teeth to talk, eat and smile confidently.

Acrylic cosmetic dentures

Acrylic dentures are an innovative kind of denture prepared from acryl or plastic material. This cost-effective dental construction can be used for partial and full absence of teeth. Acryl is a material that serves for production of partial as well as full dentures. Another benefit is a wide range of colours to allow a choice of the most suitable shade.

Nylon dentures

This is another kind of material for removable dentures. The constructions are elastic, flexible and durable. Such dentures can be fixed with the vacuum method.

Nylon is a great material for people who suffer from allergic reactions as these constructions are hypoallergic and do not have metal elements.

Prostheses on implants

The process of restoring a tooth row is suggested when you choose fixed restoration technique but have an insufficient number of teeth. In this case, the dentist provides installation of various implants on which bridges need to be fixed to replace missing teeth.

Dental crowns

A crown is a construction done for resorting one tooth. Dental crowns may be fixed either on dental implants or natural teeth. The restoration with crowns is suggested for minor defects in a teeth row.

What is the cost of dentures in Turkey?

Removable dentures are easy to take care of and a are a moderate price. Fixed dentures are more durable and allow normal chewing function. Our dentists at New Teeth Clinic Turkey will help you to choose the most appropriate restoration method. Speak with the dentist about your priorities and he/she will outline the options for you.

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