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Dental implants in turkey
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Dental Implants in Turkey

A dental implant is a screw inserted into the jawbone to replace one or more missing teeth. The implants are made with different materials, but the most common is titanium implants. These implants fuse with the natural bone tissues, serving as the tooth root for teeth replacement.

Dental implants are available at New Teeth Clinic Turkey. We are a leading dental clinic and use the latest dental technology, including RaySet technology to create surgical guides, volumetric tomography with digital implant system planning software, laser technology and CEREC technology.

Our dental professionals are top-rated and internationally recognised. Unlike other dental clinics that charge extra for guided teeth implants, we use this treatment at no extra cost.

We perform most dental implant surgery under local anaesthesia, but for people with excessive nausea, dental phobias and other disorders, we can administer general anaesthesia in our fully equipped dental operating theatre

If you have sufficient bone density and thickness, we can insert the dental implants without surgery, meaning you won’t need stitches. Our dentists are experienced and recommend the most suitable dental implant brands for your condition.

We use several quality dental implant brands made in Germany, the USA, Switzerland and The Netherlands. All our dental implants come with a lifetime guarantee.

We fit high-quality dental implants using the latest dental technology. We have highly trained dental professionals and offer a free consultation before your dental implant procedure. Our waiting time is short, and you are sure to receive high-quality dental care.

Our dental implant procedure, whether for one or a complete set of teeth, is about 80% cheaper than in other countries. With our Computer-Guided implants, you will not need stitching, resulting in minimal pain and a shorter healing period.

Why do people travel from abroad to get dental implants in Turkey?

Turkey is home to well-trained and experienced dental professionals, and our dentists at New Teeth Clinic Turkey are top-rated. Our dentists deliver excellent treatment with Computed Assisted Implant Systems and Volumetric Tomography technology. With our latest dental technology and high-quality implants, our services are still 80% cheaper than in other countries.

We use implants from different internationally made brands and offer free consultation and treatment plans. We assess the cost of treatments during the free consultation, giving you the exact treatment cost at no extra cost.

Our clinic has the latest sterilising and hygienic treatment technology and has been certified in Turkey. Our lifetime, legal guarantee for dental implants assures you of our excellent services. We offer you free check-ups and examinations to ensure you experience no complications.

We aim to offer you exceptional care, and our professional staff will ensure you achieve your desired result.

What is a dental implant?

If you lose a tooth, you can fit a dental implant in your jawbone to serve as an artificial tooth root. The implants are usually made with titanium and are biocompatible. Over the years, dental implants have become more common.

Placing a dental implant to replace a missing tooth root stimulates bone regeneration, creating a strong anchor for a dental crown.

A dental implant has three components:

  • The titanium post screwed into the jawbone
  • The abutment that serves as the titanium extension attached to the implant
  • Dental crown – the new, permanent dental prosthesis

What are the benefits of a dental implant?

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • No risk of tooth decay
  • Easy to clean and more hygienic compared to a dental bridge
  • Matches the natural teeth
  • Prevent chewing and speech impairments
  • Treatment doesn’t affect healthy adjacent teeth
  • Unlike dentures fitted in the upper jaw, which may slip and are uncomfortable, implanted teeth function like natural teeth
  • Dental implants in the lower jaw prevent bone loss
  • Implants do not affect the taste in the mouth or cause nausea
  • Implanted teeth look like the natural teeth with no sign of attachments like the hooks in dentures

Is dental implant surgery painful?

No, it isn’t. The dental implant procedure is done under local anaesthesia, and you can get a needle-free injection if you have a phobia for needles. But, pain may occur if you extract a tooth before the dental implant surgery. The pain will last for only a few days, and pain medications can help with the pain.

Who can get dental implants?

Dental implants are suitable for all ages but are usually requested by older people, but people under 18 years cannot get a dental implant. If you have diabetes, ensure you inform your dentist before dental implant surgery because blood testing for haemoglobin A1C is necessary before the procedure. People with diabetes that have elevated sugar levels may be unsuitable for dental implant surgery.

What is the limit for dental implants?

People with a healthy mouth can have any number of implants, but replacing each tooth with an implant isn’t recommended, but you can get implants and bridgework to replace multiple teeth.

How many visits do I need to get dental implants?

You need three visits to the dentist for dental implants. The first visit is for your consultation, the second is for fitting the implant, and the third, usually 3 – 6 months after the procedure, is to fit the dental crown or bridge.

How long will dental implants last?

Dental implants can last a lifetime if you fit high-quality dental implants, take proper personal care of your implants and get professional dental care.

Dental implant guarantee

Our clinic offers a legal lifetime guarantee on all dental implants. Following your dental implant procedure, we will give you a guarantee card and also register the guarantee online.

What happens if the dental implant has an issue?

The chances of implant detachment from the jawbone are low, but if this occurs, we will check the bone health and fit a new, slightly larger dental implant. If implant detachment occurs, it will be in the first three months of the procedure.

Implant detachment may occur when the patient doesn’t adhere to aftercare instructions. Smoking after dental implant surgery adversely affects bone growth and may cause implant failure.

Surgical guide and application or computer-guided dental implant

We use the latest technology for the dental implant procedure. Computer-guided dental implants and surgical guides are among the latest technology in dentistry.

Our dentist will measure your upper and lower jaw and then use the Volumetric Tomography scanner to take 3D images of the mouth. The dentist will send the result into a 3D simulation program, then add treatments option and make a plaster cast of the jaw. Our dental professional will closely examine the jaw cast and make necessary position and angle changes.

The dental professional will prepare the final jaw guide as gum, or gingival overlay called the surgical guide and send it to the dental physical. If sufficient bone structure is available, you will have the procedure without getting incisions in your gum, preventing stitches.

We offer this dental implant technology at no extra cost.

What advantages do computer-guided implants offer?

Computer-guided implants take less time and don’t require incisions in the gums. The surgical guide also gives accurate angles for the implant placement and reduces healing time.

If you need dental implants from an experienced dental professional using high-quality dental implants, visit New Teeth Clinic Turkey. You can call us to schedule an appointment.

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