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Dental Bridge in Turkey

A dental bridge is the fastest option for repairing missing or damaged teeth to restore your smile. The teeth get support from the side-by-side alignment in the mouth. If you lose a tooth, the support system becomes distorted and may lead to structural disorders. Some people may end up with impaired chewing and speech function.

If you lose a few teeth, you can get a dental bridge to preserve your dental structure and keep the surrounding teeth in place. Treatment with a dental bridge is also called passive dental treatment.

Patients who want to replace one or more teeth without a dental implant can use a crown bridge. Before fitting a dental bridge, you must have two healthy teeth on both sides of the missing teeth. Healthy teeth are necessary to fit and cement the bridge, serving as support for the missing tooth or teeth in the middle.

Our dentist at New Teeth Clinic Turkey uses the latest technology to make natural-looking and durable crowns for the dental bridge. The dental bridge will look like original teeth and blend with your other teeth. You can maintain the dental bridge with regular flossing and brushing.

Why is fitting a dental bridge important?

  • Tooth decay is usually due to a poor oral hygiene routine. When the decay affects the internal tooth structure, requiring tooth removal, a dental bridge can replace the decayed tooth. This makes protecting your tooth from tooth decay necessary with regular flossing and brushing.
  • Flossing removed lingering food particles between your teeth. When the lingering food particles remain between the teeth, they cause an increase in bacteria, leading to tooth decay and tooth loss.
  • Failing to brush your teeth regularly will cause an accumulation of plaque on the tooth surface. Plaques contain bacteria that may attach to the dentine layer and enamel.
  • If you do not care for your dental bridgework, the teeth supporting the bridge will decay, leading to a loose bridge that falls out. Further treatments like a dental implant will be necessary in this case.

If you need a quick replacement for your damaged or missing tooth, feel free to visit New Teeth Clinic Turkey or call us to book an appointment to get a dental bridge.

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