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Composite filling

Composite Filling in Turkey

Composite filling offers several advantages over the older metal or amalgam filling. These fillings contain no mercury or metal and do not have a metallic grey colour, and are more durable. Unlike amalgam fillings that do not bend well with the existing tooth structure, leading to more damage in the treated area over time, composite fillings blend properly with the teeth.

Treated areas with amalgam filling usually need further excavation after a while, creating a bigger cavity. These reasons, amongst others, make our dentists at New Teeth Clinic Turkey recommend against using amalgam filling.

Our experienced endodontist uses composite fillings to restore damaged teeth following root canal therapy.

Composite fillings are stronger, bond well with the remaining tooth structure and are less likely to break or cause sensitivity. The filling is white, which gives a more aesthetically-pleasing result. You can remove amalgam fillings and get composite fillings in one appointment.

Composite bonding treatment

Composite bonding restores broken and chipped teeth, usually caused by trauma, and may be used for filling large cavities and other teeth imperfection. Composite bonding can also change the size of the teeth. This treatment also requires the expertise of an endodontist.

You can get your composite filling and composite bonding treatment at New Teeth Clinic Turkey. Call us today to schedule an appointment to restore your tooth structure with our composite filling procedure.

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