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At New Teeth Clinic Turkey, we use the latest technology for dental treatments and procedures. Our state-of-the-art dental technology includes:

CEREC technology

CEREC technology is a high-quality same-day teeth provider. With this technology, you can get your new teeth in one appointment, which usually takes about two weeks in dental centres without this technology.

We can make your inlays and onlays, crowns and veneers in our in-house dental lab. Our dental professional will take pictures of your mouth using an infrared camera and computer software to design your dental restoration.

Panoramic x-ray

This dental x-ray uses a small amount of ionising radiation to get the entire image of the mouth in one photo. Our oral surgeons and dentists use this dental technology while planning treatment for implants, extractions, dentures and braces.

New Tom Volumetric Tomography

Radiation is often a concern for people who need an x-ray, but 3D panoramic dental tomography uses a small amount of radiation to capture all areas in the mouth in one image. The image can reveal dental issues such as impacted teeth, jaw tumours, sinusitis, jaw cysts and other oral health issues. It also guides during crown, implant, bridge, braces and denture procedures.

Dental laser equipment

Laser equipment has several applications in dentistry, from pain reduction to reduced waiting time, more visibility and aiding clotting of tissue cut. Hard and soft tissue lasers are available with varying functions such as removing decayed teeth, lightening the gum colour, canal disinfection, welding titanium framework on implants, decontaminating implants, treating herpetic ulcers, and reducing sensitivity in sensitive teeth.

Magnetic mallet

The magnetic mallet is essential for bone expansion and compression and sinus lift procedures. This equipment has four different intensities, offering more safety and has standard ten tips for inserting implants and expanding the bone.

The Comfort-inTM-pain free-needle free injection

This equipment helps in administering anaesthesia for people with dental phobia. It doesn't use a needle and prevent pain while getting an injection.

The piezoelectric ultrasonic bone surgery system

Using ultrasonic vibration provides an effective and safe treatment during oral and maxillofacial surgery and implant placement. We also use this equipment for preparing the implant site, orthodontic surgery, sinus lift, and teeth and root preparation. This equipment is ideal for people with a thin bone structure.

Phsio dispenser

Our physio dispenser is useful during dental implant surgery and other dental surgical procedure. Our dental surgeon will use the phsio dispenser to soften the hard tissues before inserting a dental implant. This equipment makes your dental procedure safe and aids comfort.

PRP equipment

PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) equipment aids the release of platelets that trigger growth factors for healing wounds and blood clot formation. Stimulating stem cells with growth factors cause new tissue production for faster healing.

The PRP equipment is simple but plays a vital role in healing. Our surgeon will concentrate some of your blood and place it at the surgical site before the procedure.

PRP equipment is necessary for bone defect treatment, sinus lift procedure, fistula repair between the sinus cavity and mouth and dental implant bone grafting. However, people with bleeding disorders are not suitable candidates for this procedure.


We use the autoclave to sterilise all equipment used during dental treatments. The autoclave has a pressure chamber that works under 250 – 270 Fahrenheit with a high-pressure supply for 15 – 30 minutes to sterilise dental equipment.

Apex locator

Our endodontists use an Apex locator and diagnostic radiography for root canal treatment. The devices prevent up to 95% of pain and aid a fast and comfortable procedure to give an excellent result.

If you need a dental clinic in Turkey that uses the latest dental technology to ensure patients' safety and comfort, New Teeth Clinic Turkey is the right place for you. Call us today to make arrangements for your dental treatments in Turkey.

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