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Latest Trend in Hollywood Smile to Improve your Appearance
Sep 08,2022

Latest Trend in Hollywood Smile to Improve your Appearance

Hollywood Smile is now the latest trend among patients who are visiting Turkey for their hair transplantation. Apart from hair transplantation and body aesthetics, they add the Hollywood Smile procedure to make their smiles attractive and confident. This process is gaining immense popularity in several countries. So, if you want to correct and improve your smile or you are not satisfied with your teeth appearance, then Hollywood Smile is a great way to look attractive. You can speak with dentists to get rid of your problems and restore your great smile.

What actually is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile or smile aesthetics is usually applied for creating clean and healthy look in your mouth. It can be used with different dental aesthetic materials and it is increasingly popular among people who want Hollywood Smile in Turkey to improve dental aesthetics.

Why should you undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures?

You consume nutrients in your daily life and almost all of them can lead to some damage to your teeth. Some of them might be the reason for deterioration in your tooth colour while others lead to deterioration in the tooth structure causing decay. Even when oral care is done regularly, you need to consult with the dentist for your aesthetic dentistry options.

What are the factors that determine oral aesthetics?

For dental aesthetics to be effective, there are several parameters to follow. One of the important factors is the process of teeth size.  There should not be any gaps in between the teeth and gingivitis should be symmetrical. During the smile, your teeth need to appear at the optimum level.

How can you apply for Hollywood Smile?

The materials used in Hollywood Smile are composite or porcelain laminated. The aesthetic appearance of your tooth can be gained with smile design.

Patients who decide on the kind of material need to follow these stages:

  • The structure of tooth and jaw should be determined with necessary measurements.
  • The tooth form is modeled and then prepared from the computer.
  • These models will be made with 3D printers and expert laboratory technicians.
  • The tooth crowns are made and approved to be placed by dentists in one session for completing the procedure.

Is Hollywood Smile customisable?

Smile aesthetic has been designed for the person who needs to perform it. The main reason is that it can be done by considering facial features of the person. The design should be applied with details from the gums of the person to lip color.

What problems can be solved with Hollywood Smile?

Apart from improving your appearance, smile design offers suitable solutions to certain health problems. The most important is the deformation of your teeth which provide healthy look after Hollywood Smile. It can be used as a great option for your misaligned teeth. The structure and shape disorders in your teeth are eliminated completely. The significant changes in your tooth colour and gums have an important role in improving your oral health.

So, this treatment can help in repairing your cracked or broken teeth. Other than the problems discussed above, Hollywood Smile provides effective solutions to other dental problems. Don’t forget to ask your dentist about Turkey holiday package when you plan to perform dental treatment and enjoy the beauty of the place.