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Hollywood Smile: Regain Your Attractive Look at Affordable Cost
Oct 14,2022

Hollywood Smile: Regain Your Attractive Look at Affordable Cost

Hollywood smile is the perfect design smile which most models and celebrities have. It is all about bright and aligned whiter teeth for the confident look. This method can help in fixing a wide range of dental complications so that you can maintain the set of teeth with attractive smile.

The latest technology depends completely on veneers which are shell-like structures prepared of different materials and apply to teeth façade. The function of teeth veneers is to overcome dental issues and restore the smile. For example,

certain dental problems that Hollywood Smile procedure can fix are teeth stains, discolourations, gaps and deterioration.  All these problems may lead to adverse effects on your self-esteem.

How Hollywood Smile may Impact Your Social Life

The quality of teeth depends a lot on your overall health condition. Having a poor diet and bad mental condition will take a toll on your teeth. The whiter teeth are a good achievement for your oral health.

A Hollywood smile can transform aesthetic state of your teeth. It may help to mask the truth behind your improper genetics or lifestyle. According to studies, having the perfect set of teeth can improve success in your career and boost social life. So, Hollywood Smile has a great impact in your social life.

Different Kinds of Dental Veneers

The structure of dental veneers is what Hollywood smile depend on. Different veneers play an important role that Hollywood smile differs in quality and costs. Hollywood smile in Turkey may be suitable for several financial plans.

Porcelain Veneers:

Porcelain veneers have thick structures of caps that go on the front part of your teeth to hide aesthetic issues. Porcelain veneers have the filing of enamel and the thick layer is filed away to create space for the veneer. The removing of enamel layer is a vital prerequisite as it bulky set of veneers that would take away the element of authenticity in the ultimate result.


Lumineers are a kind of dental veneers which appear like ultra-slim shells and are partially translucent. The dimensions of lumineers than porcelain do not have the filing of enamel layer as vital part of the procedure. So, the ones who do not want to scrap off the enamel layer for fixing aesthetic look of teeth find Lumineers to be a great option.

Composite Resin Veneers:

The composite resins are prepared from same material unlike dental fillings and though their application is simple, they have certain modifications to match a few characteristics of shade and shape. So, composite veneers look more like plastic.

Similarities and Differences between Different Veneers


  • All kinds of veneers can help in correcting aesthetic concerns with the teeth which include – staining, chipping, misalignment, discoloration and deterioration.
  • Veneer kinds of all sorts may add glow and brightness to your smile.
  • All types of veneers look like natural teeth and have natural appearance to some extent.


  • Composite veneers – These veneers for Hollywood Smile are highly susceptible to stains like stain-resistant porcelain veneers and lumineers.

It is not possible to match the colour of composite veneers accurately.

  • Lumineers– They are the only option of Hollywood smile that doesn’t need the removal of enamel layer before the application. Both porcelain veneers and lumineers have similar price though they are more costly than composite veneers
  • Both porcelain veneers and lumineers are extremely strong and use durable materials whereas composite veneers can be highly vulnerable to breaking and chipping.
  • The dentist applies and crafts on-remises composite veneers but lumineers and porcelain veneers are sent to off-site laboratory for crafting.

Cost of Hollywood Smile 

The cost of Hollywood smile will differ according to the material you use. For example, composite veneers are an economical option for Hollywood smile. But composite veneers are highly vulnerable to stains and lack proper strength. The cost of Hollywood smile at our clinic is usually £3700 but we have an offer price £2850. Make sure you speak with the dentist before choosing Hollywood Smile for your case.

The Procedure of Hollywood Smile

The dentist breaks Hollywood Smile procedure in several sessions. During the first consultation session, the dentist conducts thorough examination of your teeth and jaw. If you are suffering from gum disease, cavities or infections, you will be treated for the problem before starting with Hollywood Smile. Once the treatment is over, the dentist will be taking your mouth impression and the measurements are sent to off-site laboratory for preparing the structures. The dentist fixes an appointment for your Hollywood Smile after the units are ready.

Take Care After the Procedure

Thus, you should practice good dental hygiene habits for maintaining Hollywood Smile. Make sure you continue brushing twice a daily, flossing once daily and using anti-bacterial mouthwash for your fresh and healthy mouth. It is also important that the food particles do not get stuck in between the teeth and under the veneers. This may ruin overall quality of your Hollywood Smile.

By choosing this feasible option at a dental clinic in Turkey, you can fix your teeth aesthetics and regain the attractive smile. Whether you decide to opt for porcelain veneers, Lumineers and composite veneers, Hollywood Smile will definitely yield natural-looking results.